About Us

Soon Amore A Cappella Singers

We are around twenty four choir members split into four or sometimes eight singing parts if required by the music. As a choir we are fortunate to have membership from a range of nationalities enabling us to sing material in languages other than English. Our concerts sometimes feature poetry readings loosely themed around the subjects of the music as well as duets and solos from choir members.

Soon Amore - a brief history

Soon Amore was started in 2002 by two friends who wanted a different sort of chamber choir from those available locally at that time in York. There are still a couple of founder members in the choir to this day. The emphasis is on unusual music and interesting arrangements for “a cappella” singing.

The name, Soon Amore, was suggested by one of the original Welsh Bass singers. He anglicised “Swn y Mor” to “Soon Amore” meaning The Sounds of the Sea.